About Us
About Us
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The Well-Lived Life

At McWHINNEY, we are passionate about creating exceptional places and awe-inspiring experiences. Baseline will be a quintessential expression of our place-making philosophy.

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We create innovative places. Friendly, welcoming places that bring people together with a vibrant urban sensibility and an artful touch. We understand that human needs and lifestyle choices are evolving rapidly. And that your requirements, as a forward-thinking business, are evolving right along with them. In short, you want to be where your employees and customers want to be. And that leads us to some interesting ideas about town and community. Work and play. Nature and human nature. And the very notion of a life well lived. It’s this kind of thinking that has propelled us from the creation of Centerra in Loveland to the revitalization of Denver’s iconic Union Station to the unique conception of Dairy Block in LoDo. And now on to Baseline.


Baseline Resources

We’ve got big plans for Baseline and we want you to be part of them. Here are some resources to get you started. If you’re a potential homeowner, download the future HOA plans to see what kind of community we’re creating.


An illustrated rendering of Baseline office and retail space