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Live Here
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Coming soon: homes for all

A new standard in home design and construction is coming to Broomfield. Baseline’s residential villages will be a refreshing new mix of designs and categories. From stylish urban townhomes and apartments to single-family reinvented for a new generation. With each new home collection and each new neighborhood bringing a finer grain of community and a deeper meaning of home. The suburbs will never be the same.

West Village

An illustrated rendering of the West Village park and playground at Baseline

The Great Nextdoors

It all starts with West Village

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Baseline’s first residential enclave is anticipated as a sign of good things to come. Because it’s not just a collection of homes, it’s a gathering place for people. Who’ll be brought together by an affinity for innovative architecture and a lifestyle that champions the outdoors. Oriented around pocket parks and linked by trail to all things Baseline, West Village is designed as a distillation of smart thinking.

The result is a new choice in where and how to live that helps you get more out of life.

Starting from the $300s.
Selling in 2020.

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Acre Village
Two woman tying their tennis shoes and preparing to go on a walk around Baseline


New Distinctive Residences

Vitamin Bee
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