Our Charter
Our Charter
A woman holding an orange rose

for Humans

At the junction of I-25, 470 and Baseline Road, we are a new economic center that completes the Denver/Boulder triangle. Part dining district, part business hub, part science campus, and a new way to live in Broomfield.

Baseline in Broomfield is going to be the intersection of urban life and outdoor adventure. Conceived for people who are social by nature, who value experiences over things, and who regularly gaze west towards the Rockies to remind themselves why they live in Colorado.

We believe...

We believe design matters, pedestrians always have the right of way, and life happens both day and night.

We believe a town should live in harmony with nature, and people need their space but they also need each other.

And we believe everything is connected: home to business, city to nature, now to the future.

A Complete Community

An illustrated rendering of the Baseline community
Baseline site plan
*Based on current plans. Subject to change.

A Healthy Mix of Uses

Baseline is named for its location along Baseline Road, which is named for the 40th parallel, 40-degrees north in latitude of the equator. Beyond geography, Baseline is foundational. A starting point. New thinking from the ground up.

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Center Street


Acres of walkable/ bikeable town
*Based on current plans. Subject to change.

Center Street District

It all comes together at Center Street District. Anchored by the future location of the Butterfly Pavilion and Adams 12 STEM school, Center Street District is planned to feature unique shops, essential services, farm-to-table restaurants and a lively public square designed for the lost art of people watching.

Baseline site plan - West Village


New West Village Homes & Apartments
*Based on current plans. Subject to change.

West Village Homes

Baseline will offer a new choice for how to live in Broomfield. A mix of homes starting in the mid $300s intended for people who value design and energy efficiency over square footage. Who want to know their neighbors. And who prefer not to get in their car to go for a walk. Opening summer 2020.

Baseline site plan - Transit Hub


To Denver or Boulder
*Based on current plans. Subject to change.

Transit Hub

A planned state-of-the-art multi-modal transit hub should further strengthen connections to Denver, Boulder and points beyond, bringing a variety of ways to get in and out of Baseline and Broomfield.

Baseline site plan - industry






*Based on current plans. Subject to change.


If you machine it, weld it, mix it, paint it, print it, fix it, cut it, bind it, strip it, grind it, box it, wrap it, or ship it—let’s talk. Baseline's Flex Industrial Space is currently offering 815,000-square-feet of build-to-suit possibilities for your business.

Baseline site plan - parks and trails


Acres of publicly dedicated open lands
*Based on current plans. Subject to change.

Parks & Trails

Baseline's planned mix of uses includes a green infrastructure – pathways and promenades, parks and prairielands – for recreation and relaxation. Connecting people to nature and creating habitat for creatures great and small.

Baseline site plan - urban agriculture

Indoor and outdoor production agriculture
*Based on current plans. Subject to change.

Urban Agriculture

Here, urban agriculture is integrated into the plan in thoughtful new ways, with plans that include a productive landscape on every level. A series of three- to five-acre plots are to be cultivated with what a community needs to thrive: from a micro brewery’s fresh barley to a restaurant’s fresh veggies, for instance. And a first-of-its-kind pollinator-friendly plan will complete a healthy ecosystem.

A professional woman drinking coffee at a cafe

The Life

This is the next generation of sustainable urban centers, anticipating new possibilities for people and businesses. An intentional mix of uses that provides for one’s daily needs within a 20-minute walk or a 10-minute bike ride. Which includes a fresh mix of home choices and ways to live. The result is a complete community, consisting of multiple generations and cultures. And, as a partner to the greater global community, reasonable efforts will be made to minimize our carbon footprint.

The Butterfly Effect:
The interconnectedness of all things Baseline.

Pollinators allow flowers to spread, crops to seed, fruit to grow and native landscapes to thrive.
Baseline’s parks and urban gardens should benefit from a first-of-its-kind pollinator-friendly design.
On a metaphorical level, Baseline will likely see the crosspollination of businesses, ideas and cultures.
Reshaping what it means to be part of a synergistic, multi-purpose community.

Baseline charter infographic detailing the integration of Center Street, education, urban agriculture and the pollinator district

Pollinator-Friendly Landscapes

Guided by the Butterfly Pavilion, Baseline is designed to set new sustainability standards with a pollinator-friendly model. Where birds, bees, butterflies, and humans find healthy habitat among the flowers and trees.


STEM school students may benefit from collaboration with the Butterfly Pavilion, Broomfield Library satellite branch, and relationships with 460 STEM Industry Partners planned for Baseline.

Farm to

A series of three- to five-acre farms managed by resident farmers are anticipated to harvest a bounty of seasonal, sustainable products for use in Center Street shops and collaborating farm-to-table restaurants.