Town Life
Town Life
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A healthy
new model

Distinctly human-scaled, with the heart of a real town, Baseline is planned as the next generation of sustainable urban centers. Anticipating new possibilities for people and businesses. With an intentional mix of uses that can provide for one’s daily needs within a 20-minute walk or a 10-minute bike ride. Including a fresh mix of home choices and ways to live, resulting in a complete community of multiple generations and a variety of cultures.

Center Street

A woman and man laughing while walking on the street

The butcher, the baker and the cross-pollinator

Every great town has its main street. The place to go for farm-to-table dining, mom-and-pop shopping, professional services, festivals and concerts, or simply to meet for coffee and watch the world go by. In Baseline, that place is planned as Center Street. Featuring a synergistic mix of businesses and attractions. With a public square designed to change from season to season, day to day and hour to hour.

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Adams 12 STEM School

In collaboration with 460 different science technology engineering and math-focused companies, along with the Broomfield Library and local businesses, this planned 1,800-student, PK-12 school will offer students a problem/solution-based learning model. Where they’ll have opportunities to mentor with biologists, and possibly graduate with industry credentials.


Students PK–12
An illustrated rendering of the Adams 12 STEM School at Baseline
Honey bees in a hive

Center for Invertebrate
Research & Conservation

Invertebrates are the foundation of global ecosystems. The Butterfly Pavilion’s Center for Invertebrate Research, planned as the world's only stand-alone, AZA-accredited invertebrate zoo and research facility, will establish new standards for land development, conservation and sustainability. And it’ll be training the next generation of invertebrate scientists and conservationists.

An orange butterfly with black spots sits on top of purple flowers at the Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Pavilion

An 80,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art invertebrate zoo and research center is planned for Baseline’s Center Street. The Butterfly Pavilion’s new $50 million home will spread knowledge about our dependence on a diverse insect universe, and be one of the region’s more fascinating attractions.

City With a Side of Nature

A person standing on grass surrounded by falling leaves

Just a little wild

To the west, vistas of the Rocky Mountains serve as a backdrop to city life. A robust trail network is designed to link one district to the next and wind its way through Baseline’s active central park. A productive landscape supports a beautiful ecosystem of pollinator-friendly flowers, trees and plants. And generous “outdoor living rooms” will engage the community with Baseline’s wide-open spaces.


Acres of natural and recreational space
Baseline site plan - parks and trails
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A network of parks and trails

Infrastructure is not just about roads and bridges. It’s about how people live. Baseline’s green infrastructure will weave wild into an urban environment with a planned network of high-plains-inspired parks and trails. Starting with a planned central park. Where a great lawn and amphitheater will create places to gather. Pathways and promenade offer places to meander. Natural areas and creek beds provide places to retreat. And playgrounds and adventure trails become a daily invitation to stay active.

A person in gardening boots tending to plants in a nursery


Here, urban agriculture in integrated into the plan in thoughtful new ways, with plans that include a productive landscape on every level. A series of three- to five-acre plots are to be cultivated with what a community needs to thrive: from a micro brewery’s fresh barley to a restaurant’s fresh veggies, for instance. And a first-of-its-kind pollinator-friendly plan will complete a healthy ecosystem.